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Adult Services

First intake appointment (60 min)- $400

Dr. Butterfield provides a comprehensive and thorough evaluation of all patients.  This includes extensive medical, psychiatric, and social history of the patient as well as collaboration with other providers if indicated.  Dr. Butterfield is careful to keep all of the patient's personal information private and confidential, but she will be happy to speak with family members if authorized by the patient.

Medication management (25 min)- $175

If indicated, medication may be suggested for treatment.  Frequency of medication management appointments is dependent on the medication and symptoms, but typically range from 1-3 months.

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Therapy with medication management (50 min)- $300

Dr. Butterfield can provide weekly therapy with or without medication management.  This can be decided at the initial evaluation.  The type of therapy provided will be decided by Dr. Butterfield, the patient, and the family based on information collected from the intake.

Couples Counseling

(50 min)- $300

If couple's counseling is indicated or desired by the couple, Dr. Butterfield will provide a thorough evaluation of each partner individually as well as a comprehensive evaluation of the couple together.  Weekly sessions would follow.

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