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Please read a complete list of the office policies located in the forms tab titled "Office Policies."  This is a condensed list of the highlights.


Dr. Butterfield does not contract with insurance providers so she is not in-network with any insurance provider.  She feels that this allows her to spend more time providing care to the patient rather than communicating with the insurance company.  She also feels that patient privacy is more complete without the inclusion of the insurance company.  If you would like to submit your visits to your insurance as an out-of-network provider, Dr. Butterfield would be happy to supply a superbill for you to submit.

Cancellation and no-show policy

If you are unable to make your appointment, please call or text 1 business day prior to your appointment.  If your appointment is on a Monday you must call by 2:30 on the Friday before your appointment.  Failure to cancel your appointment will result in full payment for your appointment to the credit card on file.  New patients will provide a credit card at the time of their appointment which will be charged in the result of failure to show.  Patients more than 10 minutes late for an appointment will be considered a no-show.

Medication refill policy

It is the responsibility of the patient or parent to make sure you have enough medications.  Dr. Butterfield will provide enough medication to last until your next appointment.  Medication refills are not considered urgent and will only be done on Mondays through Wednesdays until 2pm.  A failure to keep appointments will result in refusal to call in medication refills.  A $25 refill feel will be charged for any refill outside of scheduled appointment.  Please see "Medication Refill Policy" in the Office Policy form for full policy.

ADHD medication

For children, ADHD medication may be suggested.  Sometimes testing will be required prior to medication if there is question about the diagnosis.

For adults, ADHD testing will usually be required before discussing the possibility of medication.

Therapy Requirement

With a few exceptions, Dr. Butterfield will only see patients for medication management if they are in or agree to start regular therapy as well.  You are welcome to see any therapist in the community or Dr. Butterfield for therapy.

Disability and FMLA requests

You must be in treatment with Dr. Butterfield for at least 6 months with 10 visits in order for disability or FMLA paperwork completion to be considered.  There will be an additional fee for such paperwork.  Dr. Butterfield does not write letters for emotional support animals.

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