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Child and Adolescent Services

First intake appointment (90 min)- $450

Dr. Butterfield provides a comprehensive and thoughtful initial evaluation.  She will gather information from parents, child, other providers and teachers. 

-Children 3-12: Dr. Butterfield will see the parents alone for 60 minutes and both parent and child together for the remaining 30 minutes.  These appointments can be scheduled on different days.

-Adolescents 13-18: Dr. Butterfield will split the 90 minutes session to give both the parents and adolescent time to speak with Dr. Butterfield alone.

Medication management (25 min)- $175

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If medication is indicated, the frequency of follow-up appointments is dependent on both the medication and symptoms.  Regular visits every 1-3 months is typical.

Therapy with or without medication management (50 min)- $300

Dr. Butterfield can provide weekly therapy with or without medication management.  This can be decided at the initial evaluation.  The type of therapy provided will be decided in collaboration with Dr. Butterfield, the patient, and the family based on information collected from the intake.

Parent therapy and behavioral training

(50 min)- $300

If indicated, Dr. Butterfield will meet with parents alone to discuss  behavioral challenges with the child and modifications that can be made in the home and school environments to address these challenges.

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